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Exes [don’t] suck

June 10, 2013
In a way it has always been kind of plain sex and I want to get a little wild and have some fun. How do I find a girl who will just go all out and likes the kinky stuff, and wouldn't mind giving me my first blow job ? Or even have a long term relationship.

Eat my spunk

May 17, 2013
...most of the complaints I’ve heard from women who don’t like to swallow say it is due to the taste of the semen. I can’t say I blame them as most diets don’t contribute to a delicious flavor, however diets that are low in meat & high in fruit seem to make come a bit more tasty. A friend of mine (who loves to swallow) did a year-long test with her partner trying to find the best food for semen flavoring. Her research resulted in her belief that a vegan diet produces the best tasting come, especially when her partner ate pineapple on a regular basis.

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