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Goat Love

February 9, 2014
A young man questions his virginity after getting personally acquainted with a goat from his farm.

Accessorizing with insecurity

July 10, 2013
A stripper from Utah wants to know how to make her fiance more comfortable with the outline of her work.

Searching for a true heart

June 24, 2013
I am a 34 year old ,female.I have lived a fairly hard life & have been on my own learning life since age 15.Through many experiences and pain i have learned a lot.Seems like i am never single but can never find anyone (including friends), that are real and true inside.I am a Leo through & through,in case you don’t understand...i have a big heart,care about people deeply,very spiritual and have a very open & accepting mind/heart. Seems like i am destined to be 'alone' for life because i feel its a requirement that someone has a true heart for me to have any type of relationship with anyone. Sad and lonely in a way,but i am a very positive person,never giving up and work daily at bettering/understanding myself & people as a whole..... Confused?? --any advice?

Exes [don’t] suck

June 10, 2013
In a way it has always been kind of plain sex and I want to get a little wild and have some fun. How do I find a girl who will just go all out and likes the kinky stuff, and wouldn't mind giving me my first blow job ? Or even have a long term relationship.

Running from “the one”

June 1, 2013
I'm a divorced white male, 60, good looking (I've been told),175, fit (distance runner), intelligent, easy going, social and spontaneous. I'm interested in finding my "One" and moving forward in a long term relationship. My criteria is intelligent, social, fit (or at least working on it), HWP, low maintenance, independent, not clingy, employed and attractive/good looking. I run, hike, work-out, swim, play tennis, roller blade, fish and can camp. I enjoy movies, cooking (inside and out), movies, pubs, shopping, chatting over wine and appetizers or a coffee or just chatting.

Eat my spunk

May 17, 2013
...most of the complaints I’ve heard from women who don’t like to swallow say it is due to the taste of the semen. I can’t say I blame them as most diets don’t contribute to a delicious flavor, however diets that are low in meat & high in fruit seem to make come a bit more tasty. A friend of mine (who loves to swallow) did a year-long test with her partner trying to find the best food for semen flavoring. Her research resulted in her belief that a vegan diet produces the best tasting come, especially when her partner ate pineapple on a regular basis.

Preventing Disease with Latex Body Suits

May 7, 2013
My husband and I are polyamorous and I've been seeing someone else for a few months now. Before getting physical (beyond kissing) he wanted me to know that he thinks he has HPV which is a deal breaker for my husband. I've always understood that HPV is fairly common and that a lot of people in the poly community see it as inevitable at one point or another. Is it actually all that common and, if I really like him, is that a legitimate reason to risk getting HPV myself (and possibly passing it on to my husband)? -Scared of Viruses

Getting Layed by Ladys

April 29, 2013
I am 55 years old I love sex I am married but my wife hates sex. If I don't get layed 5 times a week I go nuts. I go out and meet ladys and have sex. Am I wrong in doing that?

Confidence Not Required

April 21, 2013
I've been lacking confidence, a sex drive, and comfort with myself generally when it comes to the opposite sex even when discussing the opposite sex. I'm very nervous and feel uncomfortable when I am in those kinds of situations. Can you spare some advice for me on Changing myself?

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