Winning Lucidity Music Festival

May 9, 2013

by: Nickole Muse

What happens when a fairy muse wins her way in to Lucidity Festival?! Pure magic! That’s what happens! And how did this muse win such an expected adventure? Why on Facebook, of course! Through the generosity of a group of big-hearted rappers out of LA area called The Luminaries, I did not simply win access to three days of music, workshops & performances, I was gifted a totally magical experience, with a side of good old fashioned soul food!

Lucidity 2013 was a delightful, intimate gathering that, for me at least, had an instant sense of community. It was a world filled with every kind of music for every kind of soul! I surely love me some live music, and out of all the stage areas I found myself over the Alive Stage more often than not. Granted, I found it at first because I knew quite of few of the people on the stage schedule, but I stayed because the sounds and talents were so fresh and fantastic! That was just one tiny nook in this fantastic land. There was also a grove of goddesses, a sanctuary of healers, a trickster’s playground, and mermaids, too! That’s right, there was a pool that was perfectly heated and set up just for the most magical mermaids you’ve ever seen. Everywhere I looked I was greeted by magical sights and sounds. From the Family Garden to Spin Cycle stage there was a place, space, and sound for every taste!

I entered this space with an open heart and mind, in need of a magical recharge, and it only took minutes for Lucidity to deliver! I was not walking the  grounds of Lucidity for more than fifteen minutes before I was beckoned by a circle of drummers. ”Hey hooper, come hoop for us!” How can a fairy-happy-hoop-star such as myself resist such a request? I hooped and danced right down into the dirt while the circle of drummers pounded out beautiful music just for me to spin to! After that, I felt properly baptized in music and earth; I knew I had just found a truly magical place. Quickly, I began to find the first of many familiar faces, which was as amazing as it was heartwarming, seeing as I live in Las Vegas not California.

Now, I’m not much for keeping track of time when I’m at a festival, but I did make sure to get myself to the the Fishbone Proscenium to show support for friends that were performing. I was rewarded with some of the sweetest music paired with sensual, captivating hoop and belly dancing by Danyavaad and the Shimmy Sisters.  Then they brought out the freaks! I adored the lobotomized ballerina act and the performer that jumped onto a pile of broken glass! Talented dancer after talented dancer graced the stage, performing solo numbers as well as paired acro-yoga dance fusion! It was all such a treat to behold. I left that tiny theater totally delighted and inspired beyond belief.

A vast diversity of workshops ran throughout the days of the festival, live performers could be seen on just about any stage at any time or roaming throughout the crowd. Really though, if you just looked around, you could see many professional performers in pure play mode. Trust me, I was one of them! It was indeed its own kind of magic to be part of the crowd but still stand out and attract an audience.  I came to that party to dance, and my feet never had a reason to stop, from the bass-pumping Main Stage to the sweet sounds of Cello Joe. Until midnight. Then the music did stop. This was a bit odd for me. I’ve never been to a music festival that had sound restraints after a certain hour. Now the event had this answered with a silent disco, which I’m sure was cool. I never plugged into it, but it’s a great idea nonetheless. Of course many a campsite brought their own sound system, so the rangers were kept busy making rounds to scold all us crazy kids for breaking all the damn rules.  Such rebels, playing music at a music festival! I will admit, though, having the music die down gave those of us who were still up a chance to really meet our fellow festival-goers and engage in all manner of cool conversations. Though it was a departure from what I am used to in a gathering like that, connecting with some of the coolest people on the planet made up for it and more!

Not only did Lucidity have plenty of food for the soul, but man the actual food there was amazing! So many options for foodies of all breeds. Even the strictest vegan could enjoy many excellent choices of hot food being served up late into the night.  Once the sun went down, the temperature quickly followed, so having hot food and beverage choices late into the night was just what the doctor ordered!  Of course, this was no substitute for packing properly to go camping in the California mountains, but it certainly helped. I do think it would have been marvelous to have more than one fire pit area to warm up by at any given time throughout the nights. The one that was there was small and did nothing to heat you unless you were one of the select few that found a way to the front and up to the warmth. I’m an East Coast transplant so I knew well enough to bring plenty of layers but there were many kids, especially on the last day, who did not think ahead and were freezing their asses off! All in all, though, this was not an event full of amateurs, this was a place where the pros came to play!

I can’t say enough awesome things about this gem of a gathering. I can say for sure that I’ll most assuredly find myself back there again. This was my first real West Coast festival experience, and it did not disappoint! I felt all the magic and love that I crave from my East Coast gatherings, but with some seriously beautiful West Coast Style! I encourage everyone to check out Lucidity Festivals’ Facebook Page. I’ll warn you now, though, you will become lost and distracted by all the lovely photos and videos being posted! You’ll definitely want to get in on this party next time around! I also must point out that no matter how many photos you browse through, remember that you are still only seeing a fraction of the wonder and delight that made up Lucidity. To really get the full experience, you’ll have to come next year!!

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