The Soundboard

December 19, 2012


By Patrick Mellon

(aka Mellonhead)

EDM. House. Dubstep. Glitch. Electro. Trap. DnB. Breaks. Whichever genre or term suits, it all comes down to dance music. People getting together and dancing is something that goes back as far as any historical record. From beating drums to beats with drums, we’re all still at it today.

Over the last decade, the ways this music is presented to dance floors have gone through significant changes. With modern computers and equipment, it is now possible for performers and audiences to interact with their music more than ever before. Artists like Richie Hawtin and Mr. Bill are mixing up and changing their productions on the fly. Onyx Ashanti builds strange, bionic-looking interfaces and plays every note without ever touching a mixing board or play button. Mostly Robot, and locals Gouda and Solovox add live instrumentation.  Lighting, video and side performers are upping the ante as well, providing a totally immersive experience and memories that will last a lifetime.

As this scene grows, mainstream integration becomes inevitable. While some decry the popularity as promoting the creation of derivative work, it can also be said that there is much happening in the underground should one take the time to uncover it. So go out, find that venue that hosts the unique nights in your town, the production group not just interested in bringing the hit makers, but taking you along on a journey of discovery.

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