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November 1, 2013

Ashia & the Bison Rouge CD Release Show: “Polish Immigrant Songs”

Songwriter, cellist, and vocalist returns to Portland, OR after spending a year in Europe performing with the Berlin based acrobatic show, Dummy, touring Poland, Germany, Czech Republic and signing the new album ‘Diesel vs Lungs’ with a German based record label JARO Median. Join Ashia for her CD Release Show at the gorgeous Alberta Rose Theatre!

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Photography by Ben Z Mund Photography

Ashia began her solo project ‘Ashia & the Bison Rouge’ outside and and during her time with the Portland Cello Project and Vagabond Opera in Portland, OR, and the Portland Music Scene.

For this All Ages RACC Grant show, she will be joined by special guests and friends with songs and pieces inspired by their Eastern European roots ranging from Classical Slavic String Quartet pieces to Folk and Pop songs in the first set, followed by the Ashia & the Bison Rouge CD Release set.

The Album was recorded in Portland, OR, and Wroclaw PL and even an accordion part in Ostrava, CZ and an over dubbed cello quartet in a hotel room in Hannover, DE in the middle of Winter.

Douglas Jenkins of the Portland Cello Project mixed it, along with mastering and artwork design by Ashia’s sister, Ania Grzesik.

It is already receiving accolades and great reviews after its release in Europe, including being amongst the top 20 for World Music in Europe in October!

Thursday November 14th, 2013, Alberta Rose Theater

Doors 7pm, Show 8pm

All Ages

$12 Advance | $15 At the Door | $20 CD Package (Show/CD) | $30 VIP Package (Show/CD/Preferred Seating) | $7 Student (w/ ID)

Presented by Classical Revolution PDX  w/Special Guests:  Robin Jackson (Vagabond Opera), Lyrical Strings Duo – Lucia Conrad String Quartet, Andrei Temkin (from Chervona), Darka Dusty, Todd Bayles, Patti King (Radiation City)

Ashia Couch Bigweb

Photography by Ben Z Mund Photography

Ashia & the Bison Rouge

Captivating” Portland Mercury

Absolutely Tremendous!” Capitol Public Radio

Ashia’s solo project songs and compositions, written and sung with the cello, reflect her longing for her Slavic roots, while adding the pop, rock, indie folk, and classical of the land she grew up in. This comes naturally from being born in Wroclaw, Poland, raised in the US, and performing internationally. Her belief is to bring and celebrate Polish and Slavic culture and ancestry to new audiences, as well as using the cello, non-traditionally, as an instrument of accompaniment and melodic lead.

Her newest full-length CD ‘Diesel vs Lungs’ is currently being released on the German record label, JARO Median, and independently in North America to much excitement after successfully raising funds to produce it on Kickstarter in 2012.

This Spring of 2013 she performed in Berlin, Germany with the celebrated show, Dummy, with original compositions of cello, voice, loops set to acrobatic choreography along with electronic tracks written by Reecode. She has performed with Cirque du Soliel’s “O” production in Las Vegas, NV, received an award (Portland Drammy for best original music 2010) for original compositions for Third Rail Theater’s, “The Gray Sisters” written by Craig Wright (Six Feet Under). She performs her solo act extensively under the title ‘Ashia & the Bison Rouge’ as well as being in demand for Portland, OR bands and internationally, including a Czech Republic Summer Shakespeare Festival in Ostrava, CZ and venues in Poland, Germany, and Czech Republic. She received a RACC Grant under the title of “A CD Release of Polish Immigrant Songs” to perform in Portland, OR in the Fall of 2013.

Ashia Live- Cezar Mart Photographyweb

Photography by Cezar Mart Photography

Ashia also believes and is part of the growing indie movement in the US that brings folk and classical sounds into pop and rock settings, as well as using the cello non-traditionally/Classically. She was invited to and performed at the NDCA (New Directions Cello Festival) in June 2012. She is a member of The Portland Cello Project, Vagabond Opera, and Classical Revolution PDX.

Her ideas and voice, at once ethereal and demanding, are pop/rock, yet the sounds are at times classical and folk, being on the cello. Her style as described by Portland Monthly: “…one can’t help but hear a collage of influences. Grzesik can certainly give Joanna Newsom a run for her whimsy, she possesses the old-world charm and quirky dramatics of Regina Spector and the cello-punk instincts of Bonfire Madigan, and her voice vacillates between the throaty alto of Amanda Palmer and the ethereal soprano of Maria Callas. Simply put, she’s got a little bit of everything.

ASHIA Bison PDX QUARTER (8.5x 11)

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