The Elegant and Intricate Urchin ReDesign

June 14, 2013
Urchin Redesign is high-end couture done with reconstructed materials.

Searching for a true heart

June 24, 2013
I am a 34 year old ,female.I have lived a fairly hard life & have been on my own learning life since age 15.Through many experiences and pain i have learned a lot.Seems like i am never single but can never find anyone (including friends), that are real and true inside.I am a Leo through & through,in case you don’t understand...i have a big heart,care about people deeply,very spiritual and have a very open & accepting mind/heart. Seems like i am destined to be 'alone' for life because i feel its a requirement that someone has a true heart for me to have any type of relationship with anyone. Sad and lonely in a way,but i am a very positive person,never giving up and work daily at bettering/understanding myself & people as a whole..... Confused?? --any advice?

Accessorizing with insecurity

July 10, 2013
A stripper from Utah wants to know how to make her fiance more comfortable with the outline of her work.

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