December 13, 2012
I sat down and talked with one of Portland’s finest fashion designers, Jaime Leona of Carnie Couture, who may be better known to some of you as the producer of Fire Entertainer of the Year, the elite fire performer and a staple of Dante’s Sinferno, Ivizia.  She filled me in on her latest fashion collection, the story beyond her various stage names, and a sneak-peek into a new stage act she’s devising. [Continue Reading...]


December 14, 2012
Every once in a Josh the Terrible and Ari Lynn will call their rambling, unapologetic, older buddy, Huff,  for some much needed avuncular words of wisdom.  In his own day, Huff ran several successful entertainment businesses and was intricately involved in the so-called sexual revolution of the 1960s and 1970s. From time to time though, from the endless amounts of drugs that Huff has consumed over his life, he forgets who Josh the Terrible and Ari Lynn are. Hell, sometimes Huff doesn’t even know who he is. [Continue reading...]

The Drop: Megabounce

December 17, 2012

Megabounce Portland rave party It was the end of Winter 2011, in Portland, OR, and cannon culture was exploding.  As long as there was air in the compressor and a target to shoot, the beanie babies were flying. Like the gas hoses laid across the room, the parties stretched well beyond the night and deep into the next morning.  With balloons to blast and dubstep holding the pulse, time became irrelevant.  The only thing that mattered was charging the cannons and tamping the ammo before the next drop!!

Megabounce midget tossWe were weeks away from the first Megabounce. Wanderlust Circus was preparing to drop a dubstep …

Riding Against the Law

December 17, 2012
Blake Hicks is an energetic, likable man, with a youthful appearance and delightful smile.  You’ve probably seen him practicing his trick bike maneuvers near the Portland Saturday Market, Salmon Street Springs, or performing at a variety of venues around town.  He is as hard-working and honest a guy as you’ll ever meet. But, yes, when he rides, he’s riding against the law. [Continue reading...]

12 Girlfriends in 2012

December 17, 2012
Wow, what a year!  It’s hard to believe that I actually did it.  I had a different girlfriend every month for a year.  I often think about how one decision can change the entire course of your life.  This is no exception.  When I first had the monthly girlfriend idea, I didn’t know if it would even last past one month.  I revel in ridiculousness, though, and so I went for it.  I couldn’t have imagined how that simple idea would transform my life.  I am so very grateful for each and every girlfriend, who each, in their own way, enriched my life more than I could have ever dreamed possible.  This experience has taught me to cherish the unique qualities of everyone in my life.  Truly, no two months were even remotely the same. [Continue reading...]

Trajectory of a Firefly

December 19, 2012
One month ago I packed my material life into a suitcase and ran away to join the circus. By that, I mean I started a two-year program at a circus school in Turin, Italy. I’ve been involved in circus arts for the last three years. The first year was spent training 12-18 hours per week and picking up a gig here or there, and for the last two I have been teaching basic aerial arts and performing professionally with various companies. Now that I am a full-time student of circus arts, I am training 35+ hours per week as well as doing street performing on the side. Here in Turin, the most consistent way for foreign circus students to earn some Euros is to perform a brief routine in crosswalks during red lights, and pass their hat to cars in the lanes. It’s not glamorous, but it can pay the bills.[Continue reading...]

The Soundboard

December 19, 2012
EDM. House. Dubstep. Glitch. Electro. Trap. DnB. Breaks. Whichever genre or term suits, it all comes down to dance music. People getting together and dancing is something that goes back as far as any historical record. From beating drums to beats with drums, we're all still at it today. [Continue reading...]

Down by the Bay

December 19, 2012
Underground performance is not just a fringe phenomenon. History has shown that it can develop into one of the prime movers of western culture. With the invention of modern communication technology, the separation between the underground and the mainstream is all but evaporating. [Continue reading...]

The Future Hustle

December 19, 2012
So, the boys from The Burro asked me to write about the future. As I write this, we are just over a month away from December 21st, 2012. The ascendance of the Fifth Sun. The singularity at the close of Timewave Zero. The end of Kali Yuga, the Age of Degeneracy. The Dawning Of The Age Of Motherfucking Aquarius. Among my wide and variegated global family of visionary freaks, all manner of preparations are being made. My old friend Rex Church, for example, is building a huge Ragnarok Engine in the basement of a warehouse that he intends to activate on that date in order to generate techo-demonic entities that will help to push humanity into a new form of consciousness.[Continue reading...]

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