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The Future Hustle

December 19, 2012
So, the boys from The Burro asked me to write about the future. As I write this, we are just over a month away from December 21st, 2012. The ascendance of the Fifth Sun. The singularity at the close of Timewave Zero. The end of Kali Yuga, the Age of Degeneracy. The Dawning Of The Age Of Motherfucking Aquarius. Among my wide and variegated global family of visionary freaks, all manner of preparations are being made. My old friend Rex Church, for example, is building a huge Ragnarok Engine in the basement of a warehouse that he intends to activate on that date in order to generate techo-demonic entities that will help to push humanity into a new form of consciousness.[Continue reading...]

Down by the Bay

December 19, 2012
Underground performance is not just a fringe phenomenon. History has shown that it can develop into one of the prime movers of western culture. With the invention of modern communication technology, the separation between the underground and the mainstream is all but evaporating. [Continue reading...]

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