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Resurrection of ErosNyx

April 3, 2014
And thus we embark on a grand adventure together utilizing all of the many talents this city (and beyond) has to offer. At the heart of the resurrection of ErosNyx is a strong desire to collaborate, collaborate, collaborate. We want to make people’s dreams come true more than ever.

Wanderlust Social

November 1, 2013
You're invited to our new weekly gathering of Portland's extended circus family, with live music by The Wanderlust Circus Orchestra.

Freak Out

October 22, 2013
On October 28, 2013, beginning at 9:00 p.m. at Analog Bar and Cafe at we will be celebrating the release of Issue 4 of The Burro Lifestyle Magazine.

All Be Fairies

July 11, 2013
Walking barefoot through the freshly cut fields and smelling the scent of the pennyroyal

Soaring High Above the Rest

March 29, 2013
Recently, I had the great pleasure of sitting down and talking with Soren High. She’s at the top of her game and in high demand (in fact, she was so busy the week of this interview that we had to schedule it while she was getting tattooed). As you read this imagine the *buzz buzz buzz* of a tattoo gun in the background…

Trajectory of a Firefly

December 19, 2012
One month ago I packed my material life into a suitcase and ran away to join the circus. By that, I mean I started a two-year program at a circus school in Turin, Italy. I’ve been involved in circus arts for the last three years. The first year was spent training 12-18 hours per week and picking up a gig here or there, and for the last two I have been teaching basic aerial arts and performing professionally with various companies. Now that I am a full-time student of circus arts, I am training 35+ hours per week as well as doing street performing on the side. Here in Turin, the most consistent way for foreign circus students to earn some Euros is to perform a brief routine in crosswalks during red lights, and pass their hat to cars in the lanes. It’s not glamorous, but it can pay the bills.[Continue reading...]

The Drop: Megabounce

December 17, 2012

Megabounce Portland rave party It was the end of Winter 2011, in Portland, OR, and cannon culture was exploding.  As long as there was air in the compressor and a target to shoot, the beanie babies were flying. Like the gas hoses laid across the room, the parties stretched well beyond the night and deep into the next morning.  With balloons to blast and dubstep holding the pulse, time became irrelevant.  The only thing that mattered was charging the cannons and tamping the ammo before the next drop!!

Megabounce midget tossWe were weeks away from the first Megabounce. Wanderlust Circus was preparing to drop a dubstep …

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