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Ashia & The Bison Rouge

November 1, 2013
Songwriter, cellist, and vocalist returns to Portland, OR after spending a year in Europe performing with the Berlin based acrobatic show, Dummy

Winning Lucidity Music Festival

May 9, 2013
What happens when a fairy muse wins her way in to Lucidity Festival?! Pure magic! That’s what happens!

Creature’s Pneumatophone

April 20, 2013
Mr. Creature is at it again! Dreaming up something never before seen or heard. The Burro Lifestyle Magazine happened to catch him in action as he was dialing in his new creation, The Pneumatophone, at Portland's First Thursday art walk. Have a look!

The Soundboard

December 19, 2012
EDM. House. Dubstep. Glitch. Electro. Trap. DnB. Breaks. Whichever genre or term suits, it all comes down to dance music. People getting together and dancing is something that goes back as far as any historical record. From beating drums to beats with drums, we're all still at it today. [Continue reading...]

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